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5 Essential Tips for Your Nighttime Skincare Routine: How to activate your skin's self-healing powers

November 23, 2020

We all know that a daily skincare routine is a MUST if you want to keep a glowing and healthy skin. But what about your nighttime skin care routine? Is just cleaning your face before bedtime enough? Especially during the night our bodies not only shut down and rest but more they recharge and heal. And so does our skin. There are a few things which are great to know how we can support the healing process of our skin while we are in the dreamland:

1. Mindset.

Yes, this one should be part of your skincare routine too as your skin is the mirror of your mind. Stress can make skin problems worse. For example stress can aggravate psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. For staying overall healthy you want to try your best to keep your general stress level as low as possible. 

A cup of tea will calm you down so you can start leaving the day behind and welcome the night. If it’s a tea, some yoga and stretching or journaling... whatever works with you shutting down your monkey mind will support the recovery of your body and as well of your skin. 

2. Cleansing.

You all know the importance of cleaning the face after a long day of sweating in your makeup. Sometimes a single cleanse won’t be enough and you might consider a double cleanse to properly clean out your pores. Using an oil cleanser is a good choice for all skin-types as they are non-comedogenic and won’t strip the skin of its natural oil barrier and leave the skin feeling soft and nourished.

3. Don’t rub, pat dry!

Right after cleansing your face use a clean towel to dry off. Please be gentle with your face! We recommend pat drying and not just rubbing all over. Rubbing your face can cause irritations by encouraging microexfoliation and compelling existing skin problems like acne, eczema and sunburn, to flare up. You also don’t want to encourage dark circles to be formed around your eye area. 

4. Change your pillowcases regularly.

Did you know that your pillowcase carries bacteria that can hinder the skin’s healing process? Let me explain: Pillowcases collect sweat, dirt and oil that some from our face, hair and also hands each night, which can cause irritation, acne and breakouts.

Give your skin its best chance for recovery and regeneration by switching out your pillow case regularly. Just put it to your weekly washing is enough!

5. Use an Eye Cream.

The skin under your eyes is extremely thin, delicate and prone to dryness. Try incorporating an eye cream into your skin care routine — ideally in addition to using a night cream — and you will see those fine lines, winkley and dark circles vanish in no time! Be gentle and use your ring fingers to pat the eye cream into the skin.


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