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7 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using A Night Cream

Nov 23, 2020

INDICA Skincare Team

If you are generally going to bed without using a night cream, then you are doing something wrong. Why? Because you are missing out on the great benefits of a night cream — it can help your skin look more refreshed and relaxed the next morning!

Not only does using a night cream complete your evening skin care routine, it also has the potential to be your ticket to getting and maintaining better skin. 

So, here are the the seven main reasons why you really should start using a night cream sooner rather than later. 


If you are suffering from dry and stressed skin then using a night cream can be a game changer for you. Because of its composition, a night cream can add an extra layer of moisture to your skin that will make it smooth and soft.

Your skin is likely to get drier during the day because of the environmental influences and stressors it has to deal with. However, a night cream contains higher levels of emollients than its daytime counterpart, which make it more moisturizing. This will allow you to deal with the damage your skin has faced during daytime. 

A night cream will thus moisturize your skin deeply while you are sleeping; in the morning, you will wake up with your skin feeling refreshed and recharged. 


Not only do night creams moisturize your skin properly, but they also play a huge role in anti-aging.

Night creams often contain ingredients like retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and retinyl acetate. Research has shown that CBD is a powerful active ingredient that has the potential to combat skin aging because it has antioxidant properties. CBD helps with the stimulation of skin cell renewal and it’s anti-inflammatory effect can help diminish the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Let’s face it: if you want to maintain youthful looking skin then you should start taking extra good care of it rather sooner than later! A night cream that works for your skin type will help you tremendously, particularly because it will contain double the amount of essential oils and vitamins needed for your skin than its daytime counterpart. 


An even complexion without any spots and/or redness plays a major role in the appearance of nice and smooth skin. If you currently have sun spots and discoloration on your skin, you most likely want to get rid of it!

Uneven skin is usually a result of acne breakouts; often, healed acne leaves behind dark patches on the face. However, the good news is that using a night cream can actually help reduce the apperance of uneven skin due to its ability to renew and reveal healthy skin.

Additionally, your skin will start to become even toned because your night cream will also promote cell renewal.


One of the main selling points of a night cream is the fact that it gives your skin an extra dose of hydration — way more than what a daily moisturizer can give. A good night cream not only possesses anti-aging properties but also vitamins and minerals (such as vitamin B) that assist the skin in absorbing the cream better.

The reason why a night cream is doubly thicker than a day cream is because it doesn't have to deal with any makeup and can directly soak into the skin. If you want your skin to look refreshed in the morning, hydration is key!

Additionally, if you manage to drink an ample amount of water during the day, you will contribute towards fresh and glowing skin.


Our skin has a tendency to become dry and irritated due to our surroundings. Factors like weather and pollution play a huge part in our skin getting drier and more irritated.

The reason behind this is that our skin basically absorbs what we put on it. The rich consistency of a night cream will help your skin to soothe irritations overnight; it can calm the skin and will make it look more refreshed the next day.

New studies also show that night creams which contain CBD have an anti-inflammatory effect which plays a huge part in calming and soothing the skin. 


A night cream is designed to help your skin regenerate and recover faster from environmental stressors that it encounters during the day.

About 90% of the products you use at night will be absorbed into your skin, which makes a night cream highly effective. Additionally, your skin’s cell regeneration power is higher at night when you are asleep and this helps in renewing face cells and preventing skin tissue from being damaged.

Therefore, a night cream not only keeps your skin nourished but also helps to repair damaged cells. Night creams that contain essential oils such as hemp seed oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil or almond oil are the best when it comes to speedy skin recovery. 

Using a night cream will also enable your skin to get a healthy and radiant look first thing in the morning. This will further make sure that your skin is easier to take care of — you won’t feel the need to wear as much makeup because of how good your skin will look and feel! 


Skin concerns such as eczema, acne, redness or stress-induced irritations can be very unpleasant, painful, and uncomfortable. 

However, the good news is that using a night cream can help you treat these concerns effectively and maybe even help you get rid of them. Of course, always do a patch test first to make sure the product is fine for your skin! 

A night cream combats dry skin and also helps your skin deal better with certain environmental influences such as abrupt weather changes or seasonal changes.

Addtionally, research, although limited, regarding CBD and skin issues such as eczema (which is often accompanied by dry skin) is quite promising.

Thus, it is understandable why night creams with a high concentration of CBD such as the INDICA PREMIUM CBD NIGHT CREAM may help you treat specific skin concerns gently and effectively.

Our night cream will work its wonders in helping your skin look refreshed, healthy, and radiant after a good night’s sleep. And who wouldn't enjoy waking up to healthy and beautiful skin every day?