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A smiling woman touches her soft skin after using CBD skincare products.


Nov 02, 2021

INDICA Skincare Team

Written by Lisa Thommesen.

CBD is currently encountered everywhere, whether it's in chocolate or tea, in the form of oil or as a serum – the "miracle cure" has found its way into cosmetics. I too have discovered the power of hemp cosmetics for myself and I am amazed at what this little plant can do. 

A shop that advertises CBD products now seems to be on every corner. Due to the excessive printing on all printable surfaces, the eye-catching hemp leaves, which can be recognized by almost everyone who was a teenager and at least pretended to be cool, one has a rough idea what is being sold in these shops, but very few people know what CBD is actually about. 

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, it is extracted from the female hemp plant and is, in contrast to the much better known THC, not psychoactive.

CBD is also medically relevant, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves pain, has an antispasmodic effect and many other positive effects on the body are observed and are currently being researched very intensively. CBD makes hemp, which is often disreputable because of its association with weed and marijuana culture, socially acceptable. 


Skin care products with a high CBD content do not make you high in the conventional sense, but somehow they do. Your skin becomes very soft and skin which tends to have impurities does not change old habits overnight, but it gets much better within a short time. In short, CBD soothes the skin and how should I say, kind of cushions it and that feels really good. 


I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical at first and I'm more the type of woman who goes to a cosmetic treatment at most when she wants to escape from her children for a few hours. I love my sons, no question about that, but sometimes it's really good to get outside and take a well-deserved break from being a mom, and doing that not locked up, cell phone in hand, in the toilet, but to actually do something good for myself instead. 


That's how I first heard about CBD, by the way. "You really must try this! This is THE new achievement of the cosmetics industry, a real magical cure!" I thought to myself "yes yes" and the next day I actually spent a decent amount of money on a jar of INDICA day cream in the absolute conviction that it was the best decision ever.

And what can I say – my hormonally bagged skin, which, thanks to the absence of my cycle due to breastfeeding, has only recently started to show pimples, redness and all that goes with it, suddenly got better. The all-too-familiar feeling of tension after applying a facial care product did not occur, my rather dry skin was suddenly baby soft. Not overnight, but in the period from Monday to Saturday. Probably the other ingredients of the Indica Skincare day cream also played a role in this. 

We all know by now that aloe vera is good for the skin. A good indication of the proven effect is that there are hardly any skin care products without aloe vera. It is therefore not surprising that aloe vera is also in the day cream!

What even I know and have so far severely neglected is the topic of sun protection. Sure, as soon as it is 30 degrees outside and I am threatened by a painful sunburn, I use sunscreen, mostly I smear what remains on my hands when I put cream on my sons' faces.

The sun protection factor, also known as SPF, is a big deal when it comes to skin aging. Sun protection, all year round, should be a part of your daily routine. Let's be honest, who does that? Who thinks about it? What normal mortal woman, who has a daily routine, uses sun protection in addition to their day cream?

I am already proud of myself when I manage to wash my face every day and apply a splash of cream. The only people I know to whom this applies to are those who either make money with their looks (and the number of models over 30 in my circle of friends is very limited) and those who are professionally involved in cosmetics themselves – not that many either. 

So the need to protect yourself or your skin from the sun is something you know about, but it is rarely being done in everyday life. So the integrated sun protection factor is an additional plus for me and something that makes the INDICA CBD City Detox Day Cream particularly attractive for me. I also heard at a workshop on natural cosmetics that you should not put anything on your face that you would not eat. The Indica Skincare day cream doesn't taste like I would have to eat it (yes, I've tried it), but I would have no qualms about actually eating the ingredients it is made up of.

In conclusion, I can say that I am really excited about what CBD can do for my skin in such a short time. I am already looking forward to more products and I hope I don't have to lock myself up in the toilet to order them in peace.

Talk soon,