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A young woman does yoga on a mat in her house. Plants and furniture visible in the background.


Sep 12, 2021

INDICA Skincare Team

Written by Lisa Thommesen

I honestly don't know if I really like yoga or if I only do it because I know that my three men leave me alone for twenty minutes during it. "Mommy does yoga" is like a spell. The world stops for a short time — nobody screams for me, is hungry, wants to ask something really important, has nothing fresh to wear, or whatever else comes to their mind.

So, yoga is something like my break from everyday life. The time out that gives me a permanent muscle hangover and at the same time tones my body. It's a good deal. 

During the pandemic, when we as a family (like all the other families I know) spent a lot of time together, I started doing yoga every day.

In the beginning, I was in agony and every looking down dog, every cobra, and every cat-cow-combination almost made me desperate on the one hand, but on the other hand I smiled because of the absurd (and at the same time very fitting) names. I was sweating, although I hardly felt myself moving, I was stretching in directions I didn't know it was possible to even move in until then. Let's be honest, I was suffering. For between 10 and 30 minutes. Every day. Without exception. 

Then suddenly the day of days came. I'll be honest, it lasted. So unembellished, probably a month of daily mat act and that sounds far more attractive than it really is. And lo and behold, it felt good, I really felt like doing yoga, it even happened that after 30 minutes I thought "oops, already over?" – unimaginable at the beginning of curfew. Now I regularly become a pretzel to soft music and I really enjoy it.

Since I have been doing yoga, something always hurts me, but at the same time I am much more balanced and relaxed. The first times I thought I was going to die during it, I have thankfully overcome this point by now and now I am really looking forward to these few minutes of rest and have even managed to integrate them successfully into my daily routines. 

I even bought a completely overpriced yoga mat that was worth every cent – I have the perfect grip and it is made of natural rubber, too. So it doesn't contain any bad softeners and organic eco leaves a sweetish aftertaste anyway and makes my eyes sparkle. Those are the moments when my husband looks in my direction when he sees the parcel carrier and I explain to him that I have done something for climate protection.

It's the same with natural cosmetics: price should not be your main concern but quality.

Somehow it feels better to spend a lot on facial care products if you do something good for the environment. Or at least nothing bad. And it's good for the skin, too. In my opinion, yoga, healthy nutrition, and natural cosmetics belong together anyway. 

Nowhere else have I received so many tips on these topics as in the changing room of a yoga studio while chatting on the mat after an hour. A yoga studio is something like a collection point for people with positive habits. I always feel a bit out of place there, but I still like to go there and get inspired.

Surprisingly, although my husband still laughs at me when I use this expression, the sport has had a positive effect on my skin. My skin and I, that is such a love-hate relationship. The current relationship status would be: "it's complicated".

Since my puberty we have had a difficult relationship, with hormone-related exceptions, but unfortunately I cannot be pregnant or breastfeed all my life just because that seems to be the optimum condition for my skin. So another, more practical solution had to be found.

My skin has always been at war with me, I have to be very careful that it is not a rebellious act. So I bribe my skin with particularly rich products in the hope that she will be well-disposed towards me. The relationship is complicated, as I mentioned before, we keep getting closer and closer and then I hope that this time she is happy with me, or rather with what I put in front of her.

Me and my skin actually like each other, spend a lot of time together, the biggest human organ and me. Of course, it would be optimal if we could get along well with each other more often. Unfortunately, this is only rarely the case, which is why I bribe my skin.

Soon I found out that she likes products that are free of parabens, silicones and hormone-active substances and I like products that are animal-free and vegan. Good thing that this usually goes hand in hand. So we already have something in common. Always good for a happy relationship. After many attempts, we agreed on Indica Skincare with CBD. So there is something for everyone.

I regularly stretch my body on the beautiful yoga mat and the CBD day cream tightens my face with lots of natural ingredients. So, body and face fit together. Yoga for the well-formed body and as a small island of peace in everyday stress, CBD for clean skin and a good book for the mind. My recipe.