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INDICA Skincare, founded in 2019 is one of the first suppliers on the European market to launch a natural, sustainable, and certified CBD skincare product line of premium quality.
INDICA's mission is to make the special effectiveness of CBD for the skin accessible to a broader public and thus leave a lasting mark on the natural cosmetics industry. Additionally, our goal is to set high standards through our fully natural CBD skincare products.
The Premium CBD Day Cream is the first face cream with CBD in the highest concentration currently approved on the European market. All products in the INDICA skincare line are natural, suitable for all skin types, and made in Europe. INDICA will never test on animals. 
The use of highly concentrated CBD and over 20 other natural ingredients in our products provide an anti-inflammatory effect and help our consumers in maintaining radiant, healthy skin and preventing premature skin aging.
Check out our premium CBD<br> products your skin will love.

Check out our premium CBD
products your skin will love.

Experience the power of natural, hemp-infused beauty recipes.

created to help you provide with a healthy, radiant and

youthful skin.

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